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IDServiceRate ($ USD)per QtyMin orderMax orderRefillAverage Completition Time
11616ID:5808 Youtube Views [Source: Suggested Video] Lifetime Refill0.7375001000.00100500000No
5458ID:2729 YouTube Views + Likes [Real] Lifetime Refill0.8625001000.001005000000No
94ID:47 Youtube Views [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill0.9500001000.0010010000000No
4338ID:2169 Youtube Views + Likes [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill0.9000001000.0010010000000No
9268ID:4634 YouTube Views [Source: Suggested] Lifetime Refill0.7683751000.00100500000No
10330ID:5165 Youtube Views [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill0.9125001000.0010020000000No
6818ID:3409 Youtube Views [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill0.7500001000.00100500000No
8224ID:4112 Youtube Views [Non Drop] [10-15K/Day] Lifetime Refill0.9000001000.0010010000000No
9462ID:4731 Youtube Views [Retention 1 - 2 Min] Lifetime Refill0.7125001000.00100010000No
12326ID:6163 Youtube Views + Likes 3-4% [Source: Suggested] [10-30K/Day] Lifetime Refill1.0000001000.0010030000000No
6826ID:3413 Youtube Views + 3-4% Likes [Source: Suggested] [100K+ / Day] Lifetime Refill1.3750001000.0010010000000No
8282ID:4141 Youtube Views + Likes 4-5% [Source: Suggested] [Turbo Speed] Lifetime Refill1.3750001000.0010010000000No
744ID:372 Youtube Views [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill0.7625001000.00100500000No
11488ID:5744 Youtube Views + 1-2% Likes [150-250K / Day] R301.2750001000.001000010000000No
4400ID:2200 Youtube Views [250-300K/Day] R601.3125001000.0020000100000000No
11876ID:5938 Youtube Views + Likes [Source: External + Direct] Lifetime Refill0.6375001000.00100160000No
5166ID:2583 YouTube Views + Bonus likes [Traffic source: External + Direct] Lifetime Refill0.6625001000.00100120000No
3308ID:1654 Youtube Views + [2-5% Likes] Lifetime Refill0.6625001000.00100120000No
8846ID:4423 Youtube Views [Low Drop] Lifetime Refill0.6625001000.00100150000No
12064ID:6032 Youtube Views [Source: External] Lifetime Refill0.7000001000.001001000000No
9596ID:4798 Youtube Views [R 1 - 3 Min] Lifetime Refill0.8375001000.00100100000No
9942ID:4971 Youtube Views [Source: Related Video] Lifetime Refill0.8500001000.00150800000No
12120ID:6060 Youtube Views [Real] Lifetime Refill0.8625001000.001001000000000No
9554ID:4777 Youtube Views [Low Drop] Lifetime Refill0.7250001000.00150500000No
11942ID:5971 Youtube Views [Source: Suggested Video] Lifetime Refill0.7625001000.00150500000No
6822ID:3411 Youtube Views [Low Drop] Lifetime Refill0.7875001000.00150200000No
12144ID:6072 Youtube Views [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill0.8125001000.0010010000000No
12066ID:6033 Youtube Views + Bonus Likes 4-5% [Source: Suggested] Lifetime Refill0.8125001000.00150800000Yes
7020ID:3510 YouTube Views [HR] [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill1.0000001000.0050040000No
9940ID:4970 Youtube Views [Source: Suggested Video] Lifetime Refill 0.8650001000.0010010000000Yes
11878ID:5939 Youtube Views [Source: Suggested 35% + Mixed] Lifetime Refill1.1250001000.00100100000No
3500ID:1750 Youtube Views [Real] Lifetime Auto Refill1.2125001000.00100100000000No
5508ID:2754 YouTube Views [Source: Suggested] Lifetime Refill1.2250001000.0050010000000No
9260ID:4630 Youtube Views [R 2 - 5 Min] Lifetime Refill0.8950001000.0030075000No
4712ID:2356 Youtube Views [Source: Social Network] Lifetime Refill2.0125001000.0010001000000No
3332ID:1666 Youtube Views [Never Drop] Lifetime Refill0.9450001000.0010010000000No
6454ID:3227 Youtube Views [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill0.9125001000.0010010000000No
9144ID:4572 Youtube Unique Views [Retention 2-10 Min] Lifetime Refill1.4375001000.005001000000No
12096ID:6048 Youtube Unique Views [Source: Suggested Video] [R 2 Min+] Lifetime Refill2.0250001000.0010010000000No
5164ID:2582 Youtube Views [Premiere, Embed on / closed, Live Video All Accepted ] Lifetime Refill1.2185001000.0010010000000No
9152ID:4576 Youtube Views [Hold 30 seconds to 5 minutes] Lifetime Refill0.8941251000.001003000000No
4444ID:2222 Youtube Views [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill1.9662501000.0010010000000No
10772ID:5386 Youtube Views [????????????™ - Real Active Views] Lifetime Refill1.2500001000.0010010000000No
6824ID:3412 Youtube Views [Non Drop] Lifetime Refill1.2950001000.00100500000No
6982ID:3491 Youtube Unique Views [Retention 2-8 Min] Lifetime Refill1.0450001000.00500500000No
5490ID:2745 YouTube Views [Help Trending] [Retention: 20 - 60%] Lifetime Refill2.0931251000.001000010000000No
756ID:378 Youtube Views + Likes [No Drop] R600.8250001000.0010010000000No
758ID:379 Youtube Views [Source: Suggested Video] [No Drop] R600.9000001000.0010010000000No
12068ID:6034 Youtube Views [Source: Related Video] R900.8125001000.001501000000Yes
11840ID:5920 Youtube Views + Likes - R600.6400001000.00100160000Yes
424ID:212 Youtube Views + Likes - R300.7332501000.00100500000Yes
6820ID:3410 Youtube Views + 2-5% of Likes [Source: Suggested] R301.1250001000.0010010000000No
9258ID:4629 Youtube Views + [2-10% likes] [Low Drop] R300.6406251000.00100120000No
6828ID:3414 Youtube Views + Random Engagements [Non Drop] R301.2250001000.00100100000No
8830ID:4415 YouTube Views [Internal YouTube source + additional likes] R300.8243751000.001001000000No
4688ID:2344 Youtube Views [Source: Suggested Videos] R300.8312501000.001009000000No
3508ID:1754 YouTube Views [Source: Suggested Videos] [Non Drop] R451.0000001000.0010040000000No
11128ID:5564 Youtube Views [????????????™ - Real Active Views] R300.7925001000.001001000000No
5168ID:2584 Youtube Unique Views [Non Drop] R302.1265001000.00500100000000No
11614ID:5807 YouTube Views + Likes [Source: YouTube Recommendation] R301.0500001000.001003000000No
8288ID:4144 Youtube Views [Retention 5 - 20 Min] R30146.4931251000.0010010000No
11608ID:5804 YouTube Views + 100% Likes [Source: Google search] R304.2500001000.002020000Yes
698ID:349 Youtube Views - R300.7782501000.0010010000000No
5466ID:2733 Youtube Views + 3-5% of LIKES - R600.7500001000.00100110000No
11126ID:5563 Youtube Views [Source: Suggested Videos] R300.8312501000.001009000000No
8370ID:4185 Youtube Views [Source: Suggested Video] R300.7625001000.0010070000No
4412ID:2206 Youtube Views [Source: Related Video] R601.0375001000.00100200000No
4446ID:2223 YouTube Views [Source: Suggested Video] R300.8712501000.001009000000No
11124ID:5562 YouTube Views [Internal YouTube source + Additional Likes] R300.7925001000.001001000000No
8284ID:4142 Youtube Views [????????????™ - Real Active Views] R300.6400001000.00100160000No
10770ID:5385 Youtube Views [????????????™ - Real Active Views] R601.0525001000.0050010000000No
8748ID:4374 Youtube Views [Retention 0.30 - 5 Min] [5K-10K/D] R300.9480001000.00150400000No
11016ID:5508 Youtube Unique Views [Monetizable] [Non Drop] R301.6250001000.0010050000000No
9186ID:4593 Youtube Views HR [R 1-15 Min] [Non Drop] R302.4500001000.00500100000No
8286ID:4143 Youtube Views HR [R 5-12 Min] [Non Drop] R302.0125001000.001001000000No
12146ID:6073 Youtube Views HR [R 10-15 Min] [Non Drop] R301.3750001000.002001000000No
10774ID:5387 YouTube Views [Source: Suggested Videos] R600.9750001000.0010010000000No
4304ID:2152 YouTube Unique Views [Real] [Non Drop] R904.3125001000.00500500000No
1122ID:561 Youtube Views [Non Drop] Auto Refill 30 Days1.0370001000.0010010000000No
8290ID:4145 Youtube Views [Non Drop] R300.7525001000.00100500000No
5512ID:2756 Youtube Views [Non Drop] R301.1625001000.0010010000000No
8294ID:4147 Youtube Views [Non Drop] R300.8050001000.00100500000No
8664ID:4332 YouTube Views [R 1-8 Min] [20K-40K/Day] R902.8875001000.002002000000No
9188ID:4594 Youtube Views HR [R 8-20 Min] [Non Drop] R301.5750001000.002001000000No
4714ID:2357 Youtube Views [Non Drop] R901.9406251000.001001850000No
3456ID:1728 Youtube Views [Retention 5-20 Min] R301.6406251000.002005000000No
1562ID:781 YouTube Views - Real Active Views] R300.7500001000.00100110000No
7310ID:3655 Youtube Views [From Mobile Device] R302.1875001000.001000100000000No
5104ID:2552 Youtube Views [RAE] [Real Active Embedded ] R302.2000001000.00100500000No
1100ID:550 YouTube Unique Views [Real] [Non Drop] R904.1500001000.00500500000No
3498ID:1749 YouTube Views [RAV -GS™ - Real Active Views] R300.9875001000.0010010000000No
5154ID:2577 Youtube Views [Unique Views] R302.0625001000.00100100000No
5748ID:2874 Youtube Views [From Mobile Device] R302.2687501000.00500300000No
10940ID:5470 Youtube Views [Source: Direct] No Refill0.4000001000.0010010000000No
10172ID:5086 Youtube Views [Source: Social Media] No Refill0.5375001000.00100100000000No
11196ID:5598 Youtube Views [Real] No Refill0.4125001000.00100080000No
6452ID:3226 Youtube Views [Drop 20-40%] [Works on live streams] [Source: external + playlists]No Refill0.5125001000.00100300000No
10900ID:5450 Youtube Views [Source: Related Videos] [Drop: 2-10%] No Refill0.6750001000.001501000000No
8824ID:4412 Youtube Views [Source: Google Search] No Refill0.7500001000.002001000000No
416ID:208 Youtube Views [Most are Russian Speaking] [Low Drop] No Refill0.6250001000.001010000No
4652ID:2326 Youtube Views [Low Drop] No Refill0.6125001000.00100030000000No
8826ID:4413 Youtube Views [Low Drop] No Refill0.6847501000.0050010000000No
5580ID:2790 Youtube Views [Low Drop] [Super Fast] No Refill0.6125001000.00100030000000No
4650ID:2325 Youtube Views [Low Drop] No Refill0.6637501000.00100010000000No
3738ID:1869 Youtube Views [Low Drop] No Refill0.5403751000.00100030000000No
4706ID:2353 YouTube Views [20-40% Drop] No Refill0.5125001000.00100300000No